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With InSpec, you can easily book your product quality services within a few minutes. First, you sign up for a free account online. Next, you simply select your desired type of product inspection and audit services. Once you've input your requirements, you will be able to get a free quotation. You can then start your service right away or, whenever you are ready.

Our quality services help you optimize your time and cost. The quality assurance and control help exceed customer expectations, and own more of the customer trust with exceptional product quality.

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    Select your quality inspections, audits service type, locations, and requirements. 

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Product Inspections

Starts from $288 USD per man day

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  • Initial Production Check (IPC/IPI)
    Initial Production Check

    This service gives you a peek into your product quality when the production of an order has just started - approximately 10% to 20% produced. We verify your product quality and consistency based on first-run quality requirements. This helps minimize your risks such as wasted time, scrap product, rework, and shipping delays. 

  • During Production Check (DUPRO)
    During Production Check

    Typically, performed when approximately 40% to 60% of order quantity is produced. We randomly select units and validate if the goods being produced by the factory continue to follow your quality requirements. With During Production Inspection, you can help prevent recurring quality issues from existing poor-performing factories, and also check if your production is still on schedule.

  • Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI)
    Pre-Shipment Inspection

    When your products are 100% produced, you can use the Pre-Shipment Inspection service to assess whether your final products are meeting all quality specifications (i.e. color, workmanship, label, function, fit, packaging of the product, etc.) and can be shipped without delay.

  • bureau-veritas-inspec-full-inspection-china-banner
    Full Inspection

    Full inspection, also known as piece-by-piece product inspection or 100% product inspection, is a unique quality control process that helps ensure each product’s quality before shipping. Generally, Full Inspection focus on the workmanship and basic function of the products. 

  • Container Loading Supervision
    Container Loading Supervision

    The service helps to verify that only the inspected or approved products are loaded and shipped. Ensure the products are secure in the container by checking the condition of the containers and sealing them with BV seals. 

  • Sample Collection Service
    Sample Collection

    Sample collection service, in simple terms, is a quality control service to ensure that the samples being collected are accurate representations of mass production.

  • InSpec Comprehensive Guide to Product Inspection
    How to Choose the Right Product Inspection?
  • Product Inspection in China
    Production Inspection in China

Sustainable Services

Start from $588 USD per man day

  • Social Audits
    Social Audits

    Assess working and ethical conditions in factories worldwide against BV protocol or industry standards such as SMETA, amfori BSCI, WRAP, SLCP verification, etc.

  • BV Portable Auditing System (PAS)
    BV Portable Auditing System
  • amfori BSCI Audit
    amfori BSCI Audit
  • Sedex SMETA Audit
    Sedex SMETA Audit
  • The Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP)
    The Social & Labor Convergence Program - SLCP
  • WRAP Certification InSpec by Bureau Veritas
    Wrap Certification
  • InSpec by BV - Higg Facility Environmental Module (FEM)
    Higg Facility Environmental Module
  • InSpec by BV - amfori Business Environmental Performance Initiative (BEPI)
    amfori BEPI

Factory & Security Audits

Start from $588 USD per man day

  • Factory Audits
    Factory Audits

    Audit of the quality management system, production capability, good manufacturing practice and performance against proven quality principles. Key criteria assessed are policies, procedures, and records that indicate the factory's ability to deliver consistent quality over time, rather than at one given time or only for certain products.

  • Security audits (SA)
    Security Audits

    Audit of security-related processes and controls including physical access control, container security, and computer systems. Often required by many of the leading USA retailers and brands.

  • InSpec Modular Technical Factory Assessment
    Factory Audit: Modular Technical Factory Assessment

    The Modular Technical Factory Assessment (MTFA) is an innovative solution not only covers the generic factory assessment aspects like Good Management Practice (GMP), Process Control, and Product Control, but also offers exclusive modules for Quality Management Systems (QMS) and Capability & Capacity Assessment (Product-Specific Audits) tailored to your needs and your product categories.

  • Factory Audit: Capability & Capacity Assessment
    Factory Audit: Capability & Capacity Assessment

    Our Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment is a specialized Factory Assessment service designed to meticulously review and validate a facility's management systems and production capacities.

  • Mill Improvement Program
    Factory Audit: Mill Improvement Program

    The Mill Improvement Program is a comprehensive factory factory audit service designed to assist businesses in the Softline sector, particularly those involved in yarn and fabric manufacturing. It plays a pivotal role in identifying, mitigating, and managing risks at the earliest stages, supporting mills to operates efficiently and elevate the quality standard.

  • Factory Audit: Mold Prevention Program
    Factory Audit: Mold Prevention Program

    Bureau Veritas' Mold Prevention Program take proactive measures against mold growth in warehouse, storage facilities, protecting product quality and safety. It has a series of protocols which cover from quality management system to personnel training to mitigate the risk of mold growth in the factory premises.

  • Factory Assessment: Sharp Tool, Needle & Metal Detection
    Factory Audit: Sharp Tool, Needle & Metal Detection

    Sharp Tool, Needle & Metal Detection is a Factory Audit service designed to mitigate the risk of Foreign Body Contamination, such as sharp tools and broken needles, during production and in the final finished product. We help our clients to establish systems, procedures, and policies within the factory to manage, control, and prevent sharp tool, broken needle, and metal contamination effectively.

Consumer Products Testing

  • Consumer Products Testing
    Consumer Products Testing

    We provide testing services and optimized international market access solutions through our 100+ accredited laboratories in 40+ countries. Partnering with Bureau Veritas to innovates your service excellence, safeguard products' quality and protect brand's reputation.